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High quality lecture videos, at the comfort of your own home.

Reviewing for the Civil Engineering Board Exam is made much easier and more convenient with Kippap’s high quality and repeatable lecture videos, which cover intensive discussions on the theories, principles, and problems usually found in the boards.

Engr. Victor Villafuerte, Engr. Daniel James Molina, Engr. DJ Molina, Engr. Jameson Lim, Civil Engineering Board Topnotchers

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Civil Engineering Board Topnotchers, Engr. King Guardario, Engr. Jameson Lim, Engr. Joseph Celeste, Engr. Daniel James Molina, Engr. DJ Molina, Engr. John Roales, Top 4, Top 3, Top 1, Top 8

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our elite lineup of instructors.

Kippap Learning Corp takes pride in producing topnotchers in the CE Board Exam – made possible through high quality lectures from only the BEST instructors to help guide you through your journey to become a licensed engineer.

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Civil engineering board topnotchers

For only P10,999, you can get the following:

  • Open chatline

  • Two pre-board exams

  • Review files and handouts

  • Live refresher lectures

  • Final coaching

  • FREE Molina CE Formula Book

  • Over 100 lecture videos

  • 1200+ practice questions

  • One diagnostic exam

  • Weekly evaluation exams

  • FREE printed handouts

  • FREE Canon F-789SGA (For first 100 enrollee)

Open Chatline

Connect with our support team instantly through our Open Chatline. Get real-time assistance, clarifications, and answers to any questions you may have about our services and offerings. Our dedicated team is here to help you succeed and ensure you are fully prepared for your civil engineering licensure exam.

Two pre-board exams

Experience realistic exam conditions with our two pre-board exams designed to gauge your readiness and identify areas needing improvement. These exams mimic the format and difficulty of the actual civil engineering licensure exam, ensuring you are well-prepared. By taking these pre-board exams, you can build confidence and refine your test-taking strategies.

Review files and handouts

Access a comprehensive collection of review files and handouts that cover all essential topics in civil engineering. These materials provide you with valuable resources to reinforce your understanding and enhance your study sessions. Organized and easy to navigate, they are designed to support your learning and ensure you are thoroughly prepared.

Live refresher lectures

Participate in live refresher lectures led by expert instructors who break down complex concepts and provide insightful tips. These interactive sessions allow you to ask questions and clarify doubts in real-time, ensuring you grasp the material effectively. The lectures are tailored to address common exam challenges and boost your confidence.

Final coaching

Receive personalized final coaching sessions tailored to address your specific needs as the exam date approaches. Our experienced coaches offer targeted guidance and strategies to maximize your performance on exam day. These sessions are designed to fine-tune your knowledge and ensure you are exam-ready.

FREE Molina CE Formula Book​

Enhance your study materials with the FREE Molina CE Formula Book, an indispensable resource that compiles essential formulas and key information. This book is a vital tool for quick reference and review, helping you efficiently recall important concepts. It's a must-have for any civil engineering exam preparation.

Over 100 lecture videos

Benefit from over 100 lecture videos that provide in-depth explanations and visual aids, allowing you to learn at your own pace. These videos cover a wide range of topics and are perfect for revisiting challenging concepts. They are designed to complement your study routine and ensure comprehensive understanding.

1200+ practice questions

Test your knowledge and application skills with over 1200 practice questions, designed to simulate the format and difficulty of the actual exam. These questions provide extensive practice and help you identify areas for improvement. Regular practice with these questions will build your confidence and exam readiness.

Diagnostic exam

Take a diagnostic exam to assess your current level of preparedness and identify strengths and weaknesses. This exam helps create a focused study plan tailored to your needs. Understanding your starting point allows you to track your progress and ensure efficient use of your study time.

Weekly evaluation exams

Monitor your progress with weekly evaluation exams, which help you track your improvement and stay on course. These exams provide regular feedback and highlight areas that need more attention. Consistent evaluation builds confidence and ensures you are on the right path to exam success.

Free printed handouts

Receive free printed handouts that complement your review materials, providing you with convenient and portable study aids. These handouts are perfect for quick reviews and last-minute revisions. Having these materials on hand ensures you can study effectively anywhere, anytime.

FREE Canon F-789SGA

The Canon F-789SGA is the calculator of choice for the Civil Engineering Board Exam. It has advanced features such as a 4x4 equation solver, shift-solve, differentiation, and integration, among others.

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