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Thank you for choosing Kippap

We are thrilled and grateful that you have chosen our Civil Engineering Review Center to be part of your journey towards success! Thank you for placing your trust in us. Your decision to invest in your future with our review plan means a lot to us, and we are excited to support you every step of the way.

What to Expect Next:

1. Onboarding Links: In just a few moments, we will be sending you an email containing all the essential onboarding links. These links will grant you access to our exclusive resources, study materials, and online platforms. Prepare to dive into a world of comprehensive and engaging review sessions that will surely boost your confidence for the upcoming examinations.

2. Freebies Shipping Form: As part of our special offer, you are entitled to receive some fantastic freebies! To ensure that we send them to the correct address, kindly fill out the shipping form provided in the email. We can't wait for you to receive these goodies that will enhance your review experience.

If you have further questions, kindly reach out to: or call us at : 0917 129 0044

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